Frequently Asked Questions


Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies

Personalised wedding ceremonies Fri-Sunday $650 (**Public holidays $700)

Simple elegant wedding ceremony with up to 30 guests held at a beautiful park near my home in Greenwith , Mon-Thursday $300

Simple elegant ceremony held out of hours i.e. after 5pm and Fri./Sat/Sunday subject to availability at a beautiful park near my home for up to 30 guests $350
A deposit of $200 is required to secure date and time upon booking


Baby Namings

Flat fee of $350.00

* A deposit of $100.00 is required upon confirmation of booking and the remainder payable at our final meeting prior to the big day.
** Travel costs may apply


Do I have to be given away?

No this is a personal choice and is not a requirement. Many of my brides chose to walk in part way and then there groom will escort them to the front where they will be married.

We want to arrive at the ceremony together, is this suitable?

Your ceremony, all your choices

Is it fashionable for the bride to be late?

No, it is more lately to interrupt the smooth running of your day, cause undue stress to guests and many other wedding providers may have other appointments

What would happen if you were to get sick?

Unless I died on the way I would ensure another Celebrant would be there to marry you  .

What name does the bride sign on the day of the Wedding?

Her maiden name on all documentation.

Can a religious/traditional /family component be included in the ceremony?

Again your ceremony, your day, your choices I am more than happy to ensure you get all the inclusions you would like.

When can I get married and how much notice must I give?

You must complete and sign a Notice of Intended Marriage signed by a duly authorised person and submitted to your celebrant no sooner than 18 months before the wedding and no later than one clear month before the wedding.

What is the minimum age someone can marry?

Without a parent’s or a courts approval, age 18 is the minimum age that someone can marry.

Who can be the witness’s to the ceremony?

Anyone who appears to be over the age of 18. They do not have to be residents of Australia. I encourage you to think about involving people who are close to you to witness i.e. grandparents etc

Can Overseas Visitors get married in Australia?

Yes. If you get married in Australia you have the same legal rights, and responsibilities, as if you were married outside Australia. This applies to persons born in either Australia or another country.

Can I have a friend or family member read a poem at my wedding?

Yes, I strongly encourage this as it  more dimension to  your ceremony and adds a more personal feel to the ceremony

How many poems/readings is the right amount?

This is personal, 1- 2 is appropriate and ensures that the Ceremony is not too long. There is no real need to include reading if you do not want too but it is nice to conclude the ceremony with a blessing /reading to round off the ceremony

How long will the Ceremony take?

Generally ceremonies last for about 20-25 minutes,  But all ceremonies are what you want and how you want the to be

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